360° 3D virtual reality experiences by PREIMER

360° immersive video clips and interactive experiences are integrating more and more in our digital daily routine. You are looking for a 360° video to promote your event on Facebook or a virtual walking tour through your real estate or company?

We offer 360° 3D panoramic shooting up to 8K tailored for your final needs eg. use on social networks like YouTube or facebook, offline showcasing on dedicated VR systems (Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift etc.), or embedded web solutions for your homepage.

Furthermore, we are able to stream 360° 3D video live and spread your roadshow, convention or concert worldwide as a virtual reality sensation.

Curious? Simply contact us.

Date:  9. Januar 2018
Skills:  360° 3D Video, 360° VR, Post

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360° 3D virtual reality experiences by PREIMER | PREIMER